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The Couple on Holiday by Mikayla Davids


You married him. But can you trust him with your life?

Standing on the balcony of our gorgeous villa, I gaze out at the turquoise sea and drink in the white-sand beach and palm trees. I’m in paradise with my new husband, Owen, by my side and my life couldn’t be more perfect. I can’t imagine that anything bad could ever happen, here on this beautiful island… 

I turn to clink glasses with my husband. His mysterious brown eyes and strong arms fill my heart with happiness. When we met, it was love at first sight and, after a whirlwind six month romance, we married. I’m determined to fill our honeymoon with precious memories of late-night swims and champagne breakfasts.

But one night Owen and I have our first argument. I yell at him for drinking too much and he accuses me of flirting with another man. I’m distraught and, the next morning, I wake up early and go for a walk along the cliff-tops to clear my head.

As I climb down the sandy steps to the lagoon, my heart hammers in my chest when I see a trail of blood spots. 

At the bottom of the cliff is the body of a woman… who looks just like me.

Who killed her? Should it have been me? Can I really trust my new husband?

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