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Teddy’s Midnight Adventure by Yoko Mori

On a magical moonlit night, Akiko and her Teddy look for his missing button eye. The garden at midnight is a strange, mysterious place. Can Mee-Chan the cat help them? Or perhaps Mrs Crow? Don’t worry! By morning Teddy will be as good as new.


Yoko Mori’s Teddy’s Midnight Adventure is an absolutely stunning story about friendship and exploration. Filled with beautiful illustrations, readers follow along with little Akiko and her beloved teddy bear, Teddy, as they explore their garden together.

As the midnight sun casts a magical glow over their backyard, the pair embarks on a journey of discovery with the help of a few animal friends along the way. While Akiko learns to find strength and courage, Teddy embarks on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately finds his lost button eye.

Mori creates a whimsical and inspiring story, which captures the essence of innocence, and creates an experience sure to delight young readers.

This is a wonderful story that children of all ages will love! It has a heartwarming message that will stay with them long after reading. I highly suggest giving it a read!

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I was gifted my copy in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.


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