Twin – Volume 1 – Inseparable by Tour la Dupré Florence  #Bookreview #BookBlogger #BookTwitter

Twin – Volume 1 – Inseparable by Tour la Dupré Florence 

Back of the Book

Florence Dupré la Tour gives us a love story for the ages: her childhood growing up with her twin sister. In part one of this autobiographical tale, she continues to explore her own life in masterfully crafted inks and watercolors, unflinchingly plumbing the depths of her family to show both the bliss of having a twin, and the harsh reality and suffering of trying to find your place in a relationship, in your family, and in society. This is the third volume by Dupré la Tour to appear in English, after Maiden, Parts 1 & 2.

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

Inseparable follows the tale of Florence and her sister Estelle, starting with their earliest years as a twin team, moving through the painful times as their mother moves them between France, Scotland and Australia. Through her images, Dupré la Tour depicts their life experiences in captivating detail, full of bold colors, swooping line-work, and vivid moments from childhood, from homesickness and homesickness’ heartache, to hope and happiness when re-united with her sister and the start of a new adventure.

From homesickness to homesickness’ heartache and the complexities of living apart and being reunited, Inseparable paints an emotional rollercoaster ride. As a reader, it was easy to see and feel the spectrum of Florence’s experiences through her paintings and sketches, taking in the little snippets of childhood wonderment, juxtaposed with a troubled past, the complex emotional pull between twins, and ultimately the warmth and togetherness of a love that’s unconditional and irreplaceable.

The gorgeous, mesmerizing illustrations make this story unforgettable. Inseparable is a highly recommended book. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through Florence and Estelle’s remarkable childhood experiences and highly recommend this book to all lovers of memoirs and emotional literature.

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