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Source by Rosemary Johnston

Kate and her teenage daughter return to Ireland to sort through what is left of the family farm. But in doing so, Kate is brought to all the reasons she left many years ago. She can find no attachment to the objects of her past until she comes across her father’s dictionary.

Can words be the way for her to unlock the past? Can they help pave the way towards reconciliation? Can they help us understand ourselves?

Source is a book about beginnings and homeland and the words that accompany us on our journey.

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

Source is a captivating read from start to finish! Rosemary Johnston has woven together a narrative of discovery and connection that is as heartbreaking as it is poignant. Through the experiences of Kate and her teenage daughter, readers are reminded of the complex beauty that lies in the simple act of going home.

The highlight of Source lies in its incorporation of words – specifically the words of Kate’s father’s dictionary. This layer of meaning is woven so seamlessly into the narrative, helping Kate – and readers – to unlock the past, and providing moments of peace and reflection in an otherwise overwhelming situation. It is truly inspiring how much these words of old are capable of expressing, and how they offer Kate solace when all else fails.

Source is a story of acceptance, family, and identity. By piecing together the words of the past, Johnston provides readers with an unforgettable journey through time. There are times when words just aren’t enough to communicate the depth of our emotions, and in those times Source will undoubtedly be a comforting companion.

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