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Rebirth of the Fallen series by J.R. Konkol

***This box set includes the all three Rebirth of the Fallen fantasy novels.


A group of teenage students, while exploring deep within the rainforest, barely survive an encounter with a wild and surprisingly magical boar. In doing so, they discover that events that threaten to destroy their entire civilization have already been set into motion.

The Black Tide, the annual rampage of millions of giant ants through the rainforest, has been coerced by the Demon Queen to take a path that will send it tearing through the farmlands that support the Citadel, their home.

While the adults frantically race to prepare for the coming disaster, one of the teenagers who survived the boar attack, Malcolm, begins to experience violent visions of the past. He learns that he’s no longer alone in his own body. His revelations lead the group of teenagers to discover that many of the leaders within the Citadel are similarly possessed.


After barely surviving the Black Tide and the demonic assault that followed, the group of newly possessed friends struggle to make peace with the willful spirits that inhabit them. While the spirits grant wisdom and power, it often comes at a terrible price.

Driven by her spirit’s crippling guilt and sorrow, Eliana leads her friends on a dangerous journey across the jungle in a desperate search for answers. What happened in the Darkwood? What role did her spirit play in what transpired?

While the friends quest for understanding, the people of the Citadel struggle to rebuild and replant their ravaged farmlands. But hidden amongst them, an ancient demon carefully gathers power as she prepares to launch an assault against the magical painting that protects and preserves the Citadel.


Faced with the approach of an unstoppable army, the people of the Citadel are forced to flee. While most of the population attempts to escape along the southern waterways, the group of newly possessed friends choose a more dangerous path.

Guided by visions, the possessed friends enter the Theleram, an expansive network of caves, stretching hundreds of miles beneath the rainforest. The visions direct them to the ruins of the ancient city of Semilae, where a hidden library lies.

Meanwhile, Raelyn, the willful demon who brought about the fall of the Citadel, struggles to make a home for herself in Derregain, the largest remaining human city. The Demon Queen has placed a price on her head, and many powerful demons are interested in collecting.

But Derregain itself is struggling, as sickness begins to spread through city streets. Raelyn knows the plague is demonic in origin, but will she survive long enough to share her knowledge?

Author Interview

1. Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey, please?

Midway through writing my first book, I did a Google search for the master’s program from the college I graduated from. The next morning, while streaming NPR, I was served a targeted ad for AllWriters Workshop and Workplace.

I signed up there, finished the book, queried agents, and played around with that longshot of a dream before submitting to a group of ten or so publishers. Black Rose Writing accepted.

2. How do you decide who to dedicate your books to?

My wife passed away after a long decline early into my writing career, so there is no real decision with respect to my dedications.

3. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

Book four in the series was a fun turnaround. It gave me an opportunity to build a vast fantasy city environment to play with. I think the famous HBO series, The Wire, was part of my inspiration for the city.

4. Do you find it hard to let your characters go when you finish writing the book?

As I am writing a long series, I haven’t had to let too many characters go yet. That being said, my characters live in a violent fantasy world. Important characters have died, and yes, it’s often painful to let them go. There are scenes I can’t get through writing without choking up.

5. What was your favourite read of 2022?

Leviathan Falls, is the last book of the Expanse series. I actually didn’t enjoy that particular instalment as much as the others, but I truly enjoyed the series.

6. Who is your favourite author?

Right now, it would probably be James Butcher. I love the Dresden files. They aren’t high art, but they are damn entertaining.

7. Was there a point in your life that a book helped you get through, and which one?

My outlet is actually music. I’m a classical pianist, so when I need to work through things, that’s where I turn.

8. Is there anyone that you would like to mention and thank for their support of your writing?

I want to thank Kathie Giorgio, and Allwriters Workplace and Workshop. I’ve learned a tremendous amount through the workshop I participated in.

9. If you had the power to give everyone in the world one book, what would it be and why?

While I’d love to say mine, I think the following title will be far more useful, for fairly obvious reasons: The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of a Cataclysm

10. What are you working on now?

Book six of the Rebirth of the Fallen series.

11. Lastly, do you have any questions for your readers?

What do you guys want to see more of? Do you want more action, more intrigue, more discovery, or more politics?

Do you like my publishing pace of a book every eight months or so, or does it need to quicken, or perhaps even slow down?

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