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The Younglings: Mayhem & Magic

Cover Reveal – 8th February




Trouble follows the Younglings like ominous storm clouds, and this time it turns up in the guise of witch hunters, dangerous supernaturals, cunning vampires, zombie vamps, and deranged ghosts.

Humans possess the innate ability to see only what they want to see—oblivious to everything paranormal—and the Younglings help the Supernatural Council keep it that way.

When witch hunters make their move for Millie, the Younglings will do whatever it takes to protect her. Devastation ensues, which even they can’t prevent.

News of Quinn’s abilities circulates on the spectral plane, and more of the unhappy dead come to him for help—but some troubled spirits aren’t too friendly. 

Then Quinn’s demon heritage bites him on the butt … and things spiral to Insanityville. As if things could get any worse—along comes Lucas Morningstar.

And when the devious vampire tracker Rhys causes mayhem, the Younglings are called in to sort out the catastrophe. But Rhys has a long-term plan—he will stop at nothing to have angelic Eve, and he’s close to accomplishing his goal. Very close.

Being a Youngling is a dangerous business.

MAYHEM & MAGIC is the third book in THE YOUNGLINGS series. An action-packed, gripping, full-length, coming-of-age, YA paranormal fantasy, it will transport urban fantasy fans to a fascinating, supernatural world within our own. Filled with magic, suspense, danger, sizzling action and adventure, a sprinkling of humour and paranormal romance. This book is FULL of thrills.

What to expect:

❤️ News about Quinn is circulating on the spectral plane, and the unhappy dead comes to him for help.

❤️ Witch hunters make their move for Millie, and devastation ensues.

❤️ A deceitful witch creates colossal problems for the Younglings

❤️ Time-hopping takes Quinn, Millie & Eve to the past, and they discover some troubling news.

❤️ A new friend infiltrates the Younglings … but can the Younglings trust them?

❤️ Quinn’s heritage bites him on the butt when he meets Lucas Morningstar.

❤️ A savage supernatural being, zeros in on Harry

❤️ Rhys, the devious vampire tracker, causes mayhem. He will stop at nothing to have Eve … and he’s closing in.


🍁 Friends to lovers

🍁 Found family

🍁 Shifters, vamps, ghosts, demons


🍁 Kidnap

🍁 Murder

🍁 A fascinating supernatural world within our own

🎉 Release date 8th May 2023

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