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Happy Publication day, Heather. I hope you have an exceptionally happy day. Thanks for my gifted copy of The Flight in exchange for an honest book review.

The Flight by Heather J. Fitt

Review by Kelly Lacey

I went into The Flight with high expectations. I had recently read Ms Fitt’s debut novel, Open Your Eyes and I had anticipation of the same gritty, hard-hitting writing. Full transparency that isn’t what I got but what I did get was different, engaging and a little lighter. All qualities also work for me as a reader.  

The cover is beautiful with that rich deep luxurious purple. It is definitely one you will want to have and photograph for BookTok and Instagram. 

The characters are diverse and both likeable and unlikeable. You start to suspect everyone and I was very wrong about who I was convinced had something to do with the crimes. 

What I loved about The Flight is Ms Fitt’s attention to detail. You can tell a lot of research went into certain factors of the book. You do have to suspend belief a little for it all to make sense and sit well. But it all slots into place and as it concludes I felt very satisfied. I also enjoyed never being bored. My attention was always being taken to another plot thread or twist.

Ms Fitt is a must-watch author with huge potential. We’ve now had two different styles of genres. With the hard-hitting and gritty Open Your Eyes and with The Flight we have a light thriller with some Agatha Christie style. I enjoyed them both. I think finding the equilibrium of elements from both books will make book number three even more exceptional. No pressure there, Ms Fitt. 

I highly recommend The Flight, if you are saying to yourself, I need something with the wow factor and I want to escape into a book. Then get this, you won’t be disappointed.

Perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh and Allie Reynolds.

A mile high locked in thriller that will have your heart racing!  

Four Stars 

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Lacey’s #bookreview of The Flight by Heather J. Fitt @HeatherJFitt @Bloodhoundbook #booktwitter #lockedinthriller #PublicationDay #Spokenreview

      1. Funny, my editor asked me to update her as well. She hasn’t read this book either.
        Keep well
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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