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The Flood by Rachel Bennett
Review by Kelly Lacey

This was such an amazing read. One of those books that you were not expecting. It is a locked-in thriller. The characters are trapped in an almost deserted town due to floods. As Danielle Cain returns home she finds her sister dead behind the door of their family home. We get to journey alongside her as she tries to find out who killed her and why.

I really enjoyed the characters and the writing. Finding out Danielle’s back story and why she left town all those years ago. I read it in one sitting and felt full after I finished it.

The author has a knack for making you feel cold, wet and frightened as you read. I was shivering and addicted to knowing who had done it. There are twists galore that are believable and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rachel Bennett would be an automatic author for me. One I would buy without even reading the back of the book.

If you are yearning for something refreshing and addictive to read then The Flood is for you. 

Five Stars 


A gripping, atmospheric crime novel about a town on the edge of collapse, and a murder that shakes the community. Perfect for fans of The Dry.

When Daniela Cain returns to her small hometown after seven years’ absence, she finds that flooding has left the village all but deserted. She’s there to collect something she left in her childhood home, then she plans to leave. But upon entering the old house she discovers her younger sister’s body half-submerged in the water.

As Daniela tries to work out what happened to Auryn, she uncovers dark secrets from her childhood as one of four sisters in the household, when the Cain’s and another local family begin to turn on each other with devastating results.

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