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Open Your Eyes by Heather J. Fitt

Review by Kelly Lacey  – Five Stars

Heather J. Fitt, catches the Edinburgh vibe perfectly. Often when a book is set in Edinburgh, it will have Glaswegian hints. But no Open Your Eyes captures our city the right way. The book is extremely thought-provoking. It is not an easy read at times and it made me think about the murder of Sarah Everard in 2021. I remember at the time there was a lot of noise about asking men to stay home in London after 10 pm. This is a gripping read and it brings up a lot of discussion points and would be perfect for book groups. Albeit that everyone was aware of the triggering topics. 

I really wanted to like Frankie our main protagonist but I just couldn’t warm to her. That didn’t make me dislike the book. I often love books where I really didn’t like a character. In this case, I just found her to be very naive and she annoyed me with her choices.  I think that it is more that she is young and rambunctious. She’s excited by the opportunity but also blind to the danger around her. 

I loved the book but I had one niggle. There was so much alcohol in almost every scene/chapter. Even at home, they are going into the fridge for a beer.  Plus I felt on Frankie’s salary she wouldn’t be drinking bottles of wine when she was out in Edinburgh as the prices are astronomical. It was the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the book. I am a sober person and I don’t judge anyone else for drinking. It was just the amount that there was.

The topical point of rape and safety is paramount in the book. Also raising awareness of dangerous online groups. Which I didn’t even know about. It made me think about how much women and men put out on TikTok and Instagram. It is very worrying. I related to Frankie and getting the mobile phone out and fake calling someone when you are frightened on a walk home.

Heather J. Fitt did a fantastic job of bringing the topics to light and the writing is gritty and brilliant. A new voice on the block and she has upped the stakes for the Scottish Crime Fiction community. Can’t wait to see what comes next. 

A terrifying realistic read that will hook you from the first chapter. 


A Scottish journalist enters a dark online world in this unsettling novel about resentment and rage . . 

Edinburgh reporter Frankie has finally been assigned a high-profile crime story about a series of sexual assaults, and she relishes her big break. Her article focuses on the issue of women’s safety and looks at why conditions haven’t improved since the era of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Frankie begins to face a torrent of abuse online, attracting the attention of a group of men who want to prevent her from covering the story. But she won’t back down. What she doesn’t realise is that in this murky online world, one man is plotting a spectacular and shocking attack. Can Frankie continue to investigate and walk away unharmed?

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