The Guest List by Lucy Foley #bookreview #booktwitter

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Well, unless you have been hiding under a rock. You will have seen The Guest List by Lucy Foley all over social media. I wanted to know if it was worth all hype or if it was a case of sheep following sheep, just to be with the in-crowd.

Told to us through five characters’ points of view. A trait I really love in books. It can sometimes lead to a lot of repetitiveness but there was zero of that going on with TGL. I enjoyed all the characters and they were all extremely different. They had their own way and Lucy Foley was a genius for keeping them all on track. It would have been so easy to slide into another character’s point of view. But you know instantly whose chapter it is because they are each so well written.

I love locked-in thrillers and this is set on a secluded Irish island. The island makes its presence known throughout and is a character all of its own.

There are numerous secrets amongst the wedding party and I really enjoyed trying to figure things out ahead of the reveals. For the record, I didn’t. 

A fabulous twisty thriller read that I didn’t want to end. 100% worth all the social media hype.

If you enjoy books by Ruth Ware, Anne Fraiser and Jo Jakeman. Then The Guest List is most definitely one for you.

Five stars!

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