A belter of a performance! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Raw Material & Capital Theatres in association with the National Theatre of Scotland present James IV – Queen of the Fight. @RAWMaterialArts / @NTSonline @captheatres #Theatrereview #Blackhistorymonth #WhatsonEdi

James IV: Queen of the Fight

Fri 30 Sept to Sat 8 Oct

Evenings: 7.30pm
Matinees, Thu & Sat: 2.30pm

Age: 12+ (Includes some strong language and violence)

Running Time: 2 hours, 30 mins (includes a 20 min. interval)

James IV – Review

I didn’t know much about the show itself. Like a book, I like to go in blind on details. So that it is all fresh and new. I wondered if it might be heavy in nature and a little sad. What I watched performed was utterly gripping, funny, inspiring and educational. 


Rona Munro, writer and executive producer said that she wanted to write a theatrical celebration of Scottish History. She also said ‘I think popular culture can do a really important job, examining and revealing the nature of the ground on which we stand now’

Rona Munro

Which really is the heartbeat in my opinion behind the entire performance. Bringing past historical people to life for a brief period through theatre. Making us the viewer think about the human behind the name and remembering them in a new modern way. It ignites a need in me to learn more about what was before. The modern way of telling the story makes it accessible and real to me and I am sure it will to many more.

With an outstanding cast that each owns their place on the stage. It was fantastic to see Blythe Duff perform and the costumes that she wore were absolutely divine. The emotion between Danielle Jam and Laura Lovemore is electric and intense. Daniel Cahill commands attention on stage as he plays James IV. He makes him likeable, funny, charismatic and endearing, but of course flawed and fragile too.


With this October being Black History Month, this performance of James IV is a must-see. With the tales of Ellen, Danielle Jam, Anne, Laura Lovemore and Peter, Thierry Mabonga being brought to life in a stunning unforgettable way. These characters were all drawn from real-life people that were noted in history in the 1500s.

Go to the show if you want to be surprised and enlighted. If you enjoy a hearty chuckle and you will be engaged from start to finish. 

Ticket prices

From £21.50


* Ticket prices include a contribution to the Theatres Development Fund. A £1 handling charge will be added if you ask us to post your tickets.

Friends Discount

20% off (excl. Fri/Sat/Sun)


Raw Material & Capital Theatres in association with the National Theatre of Scotland 

James IV: Queen of the Fight 

“You’re a wonder.
You’re a window into a wide world.” ​ 

Scotland, 1504, seen fresh through the eyes of new arrivals Ellen and Anne, two Moorish ​ women who were expected to take their place at a royal court….but not this one. Both women now have to fight to find and keep a place in the dazzling, dangerous world of the Scottish Court of James IV. It’s a world where war is never far away, words of love and promises of peace are not what they seem and where poets might turn out to be more dangerous than any assassin.   

Blythe Duff (Taggart, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and Daniel Cahill (All My Sons for Dundee Rep and River City for BBC) are returning to the James Plays following their roles in James I, II and III, and are joined by Danielle Jam (Them! For NTS, Molly and Mack for BBC) as Ellen, and Laura Lovemore (Queen of the New Year for BBC and Life is a Dream for The Lyceum) as Anne. 

Employing the same wit and theatricality of the first ​three James Plays, acclaimed playwright Rona Munro takes you back to a thrilling and uncharted period of Scottish history in this brand-new production. Join us on the journey.  

Content Warning
This play includes a recitation of ‘Ane Blak Moor’ (A Black Moor) by William Dunbar, one of the earliest documented instances of a poem using racialised and discriminatory language in Scotland, as well as violence, blood and depiction of infant death.
More information can be found here.

Thank you to the press team at Capital Theatres for my press tickets in exchange for an honest review.

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