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Which Bum’s Mum’s? by Jonny Leighton (Author), Mike Byrne  (Illustrator)


A hilarious tale of Ziggy the zebra’s journey through the savannah,  and the different animal bums he encounters on his quest! 

When young zebra Ziggy accidentally causes a huge stampede, he finds himself lost and alone. But he knows he’ll find home again if he can just find out which bum’s mums! Along the way, he’ll encounter big ones, small ones, spotty ones,  

tall ones, hairy bums, smelly bums, scaly ones and old ones, belonging to huge hippos, very tall giraffes, lazy lions and many more animals besides. 

Written by Jonny Leighton and illustrated by Mike Byrne, the dynamic duo behind  Does a Bear Poo in the Woods? this laugh-out-loud story will be accompanied by very cheeky illustrations to complete the bum-tastic odyssey.

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