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Thank you Jenny Platt for the opportunity to be a part of the virtual book tour and for my gifted copy of the book. All views are my own honest opinions

The Museum of Ordinary People by Mike Gayle

Review by Kelly Lacey 

Jess Baxter’s world has crumbled and she is alone and lost in the world. As she plucks up the courage to pack up her mum’s house and the memories it holds it turns out to be a life-changing journey. 

Jess stumbles upon and falls in love with The Museum of Ordinary People. A place where loved ones’ most treasured items are stored. There starts her unexpected journey, which for the as the reader ghosts along with her, you get drawn into the nostalgia of it all.

The book is jammed-packed with emotion and really enjoyed the well-written characters. Although I have never had to pack up a loved one’s house. I did help my mum do house clearances when I was younger. She worked for a well-known charity and when someone passed on who didn’t have any family they literally left their whole house to the charity. So we would go and have to pack it up and clean out the fridge, put food in bags etc. It was very emotional and there was a heavy silence as we worked. I won’t ever forget the feeling. So I could relate to what Jess was going through with clearing out her mum’s house but of course, she had the addition of the weight of love and memories with it too.

I loved Mr Baxters Musuem and the premise behind it. It did get me thinking about what I would put in the museum myself. Maybe my babydoll Tamara who I had since I was three and who I loved dearly or the music jewellery box that my Uncle made for my nana and she would sit and wind it up and we would listen.  There are other things that I have that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but they matter so much to me, I worry that I will be that person that doesn’t have anyone to leave my things to and they will go into a skip. 

As you can tell as I digress the book brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings for me and I think it will poke every reader in a different way. It will spark memories and it would be a brilliant book club read. 

Everyone and everything has a story and Mike Gayle brings these two things together beautifully. 

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