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Wranglestone by Darren Charlton

Review by Kelly Lacey 

Having been struggling of late to find a book that sparked excitement and deep emotion within me. I picked up Wranglestone at random from my small home library. I had planned to read for maybe an hour and then get on with my day. That all changed after just a few pages. 

The world-building that Darren Charlton creates is exquisite and it felt so real to me. As a tiny community lives on the islands of Lake Wranglestone, safe until winter sets in from the undead (zombies). Throw in a sincere and moving gay teen romance and I was hooked. 

It ticks every box and I just wanted more time with them all. So glad that book two is out in September but that feels like a lifetime away. Will they make Wranglestone into a movie or even a TV series? That would be tremendous and I would watch.

Darren Charlton is a story weaver at heart and as he knits the words together we, the reader follow him blind with trust and in expectation of what will happen on the next page.

Wranglestone is perfect for anyone who loves zombies, love and that self-discovery ah ha moment that is within us all. 

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