The Noise by James Patterson #bookreview #threestarread #booktwitter

The Noise by James Patterson

This was fast-paced and had a great beat to its pages.

An unknown entity has wiped out and flattened an entire secluded mountain town. But there are survivors, two little girls. A group of specialists are brought together and told very little. They must put together the clues to find out what happened and will it happen again. 

I really enjoyed how fast and exciting the plot was. I was hooked and I really liked Martha as the main character. Her traits were ballsy and kind at the same time. She is definitely someone whom you would want on your side. 

As the plot unravelled I was disappointed by the ending. It was very deflating, it may work better as a movie. But I was disheartened as I had really loved about 85% of the book. I had that what the heck moment as I read the reveal. No spoilers, I feel it will work for some readers.

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