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Beyond Time and Tide by Anna Franklin Osborne


Beyond Time and Tide

Dunkirk 1940

Three young people are thrown together in the waters of Dunkirk. 

Elsie, a young English girl, struggling to keep her family safe and desperate to rescue her brother from the beaches. 

Monique, a French farmer, running from the untold damage done unto her by German soldiers, with no plan but to get away from the German army and the home they defiled.

Josef, a German soldier who has committed an offence to his own honour, deserting the German army for whom he will no longer fight.

Three young people whose lives become intertwined in a way that will change each of them forever.

Beyond Time and Tide follows their struggle to survive their past: love, friendship and betrayal, and an onward quest to find redemption and what was lost to them all.

Author Bio

I have always worked in health care, and like so many other parents, hit a tiny crisis a few years ago when I felt that my purpose in life had narrowed to not an awful lot more than dashing between my work and being a mummy taxi. 

I managed to find time to begin singing with a choir, and that helped me feel that I might have a more creative side to myself. One evening, my husband was out and, quite suddenly, I decided to Just Start Writing. I immediately hit the first obstacles of terrible handwriting and a broken laptop, so my writing career began that night in bed, typing into the note section of my smartphone, with no clear idea of what I wanted to say but resulting in a severe case of RSI and several short stories over the next few nights.

My husband was delighted that I had suddenly found this passion and kept encouraging me to write a novel, which I really felt I did NOT have in me. Later that summer, however, we were walking along a D-Day beach for no other grander reason than our ferry home from France being late, and I began telling our kids about my three great-uncles who were part of that day, and my grandmother who sewed parachutes for the paratroopers jumping over Normandy. Neil looked at me and smiled and said, ‘you do actually have a story there, you know….’

Walking Wounded was my first novel, and in many ways, came easily to me. Beyond Time and Tide was interrupted over and over again by serious family health crises, not to mention the Pandemic. As always, it was my family who encouraged me to keep coming back to it – and I am forever grateful that they helped me persevere.

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