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The virtual book tour for The Younglings – Shadows & Magic by Helena M is now open for reviewers.

The Younglings – Shadows & Magic by Helena M. Craggs
2nd – 10th May
Genre: YA
Format: Digital – Open Worldwide


🌟 Filled with heart-warming friendships, a huge cast of supernatural folk and diverse love interests. I’d seriously LOVE to see this being made into a TV show. Serious Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vibes!!!!! 📺🌟

Humans do not know what lurks in the shadows. Fortunately.

Quinn Carter was one such human until his sixteenth birthday. Meeting his estranged father was the catalyst for his life tail-spinning into a new world—a world where things of legend are real.

It turns out Quinn’s dad is a demon king.

As if being a half-demon with freaky powers isn’t enough, Quinn then finds out his best friend, who he’s crazy in love with, is half-angel, and his nanny has hooves. What the actual …

The one positive about this whole situation is the friends he makes. But they too have big secrets—demons aren’t the only paranormal creatures out there.

Throw in a few spirits, stab-worthy demons and black witchcraft, and life becomes messy.

On top of it all, the ministry of vampires covet Eve for her angelic blood, Quinn and his team need to work against the clock to rescue her. Will Quinn get Eve back before it’s too late to admit his feelings?

Choose your availability here!


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