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One For Sorrow by Helen Fields

Thank you so much to Avon Books for my gifted copy. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

When my favourite crime fiction series has a new release it is very exciting. I have been on the ‘Perfect’ series bandwagon since 2017. Although, this book doesn’t have a ‘Perfect’ title it doesn’t detract from its brilliance. 

Over the years (books) we have seen Luc and Ava grow as characters and the will they won’t they has been ever-present throughout the books. We’ve had heart-racing thrills and gory murders galore. There are only so many places, I thought the storyline could go. I was very wrong.

With One For Sorrow, Ms Fields has stripped the characters right back to the beginning. We get to remember why we fell in love with them in the first place. Ego’s are thrown out the window and the fragility and vulnerability of Luc and Ava are beautiful and honest. 

In One For Sorrow, Edinburgh has been hit by a new dangerous terrifying menace. The team rally hard to defend the city against the threat. I love seeing Edinburgh and the Lothians come to life in the ‘Perfect’ books. Unlike other authors who throw in parts of the city in their books just so they can sell them. Ms Fields makes the areas come alive and represents them authentically. 

It was engaging to have the backstory threaded through the book. It was refreshing to learn the history of steps that lead to the violent acts throughout the city. 

I laughed, held my breath, cried and shouted at One For Sorrow. I would always recommend starting the series at the beginning but if that feels like too much then you could read One For Sorrow as a complete stand-alone and enjoy it immensely.

Helen Fields writes crime fiction with such heart. Five HUGE stars!

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