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Sweet Pear by Jessica Butler

31st January – 8th February 

Genre: Romance with a hint of mystery

Pages: 178


Elle Elverson, a mostly happily married, successful writer, wakes up one morning with a man other than her husband, Ryan, lying next to her. The kicker is, she knows who this man is. It’s none other than the one who broke her heart and soul whom she hasn’t spoken to in many years. Her ex-boyfriend: Josh Wilson.

With the help of her best friend, Gwen, she’s on a mission to recover the missing pieces of what happened, what life she’s entered and whom does she really desire to be in it?

Is the grass really greener on the other side or is it simply artificial?

Author Bio

As a little girl, Jessica Butler used to frequent the library with her mom where she was allowed to pick out as many books as possible (the stack was usually higher than her!) At the age of 7, she was helping parents pick out the best cat books for their younger children.

Today, Jessica lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Andrew, sassy toddler daughter Mila and even sassier cat, Barnaby. She’s a foodie at heart, appreciates a “strong pour” glass of Pinot Noir and is still a proud owner of her local library card.

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