Coming soon The Cimbri Appear (The Cimbrian War Book 1) by Jeff Hein @JeffHeinAuthor @lovebookstours #booktour #bookreviews #booktwitter

The Cimbri Appear by Jeff Hein


A cataclysmic tidal wave destroys the Jutland peninsula, home to the Cimbri, a Germanic tribe already living on the edge of survival.

The Cimbri nation embarks on an unprecedented migration that will take them on a twenty-year quest to find a new homeland. Following the ancient trade routes and the great rivers of Europe they traverse foreboding swamps, primordial forests, vast plains, and mountains that touch the sky. 

Borr, the son of the Cimbri chieftain Haistulf, grows from a sickly young man into a warrior of renown and when a devastating plague takes his parents and many of his tribe, Borr is thrust into the leadership of his clan.

When a jealous god’s curse is revealed as the reason for their sufferings, the Cimbri continue on their journey, but their rampage in Noricum has attracted the attention of the Roman Republic. 

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