The Perfume Girl by Vanessa Fewings @VanessaFewings #Bookreview #Guestreview

The Perfume Girl by Vanessa Fewings

Guest review by Tanya Kaanta

If, dear reader, you love contemporary romance featuring an alpha male with a complicated past, an alpha female who doesn’t need rescuing, and fireworks for chemistry…then Perfume Girl is the book for you.

We are first introduced to Raquel Wren as a young child. I know some folks aren’t fans of prologues, but I happen to love them. Because it gives us a hint to the puzzle of our heroine. Why she is how she is, illustrating a major event that shapes her life.

As chapter one begins, she’s divorced, about to lose her perfume shop, and has developed the quintessential scent, hoping to sell it in order to keep her business. Unfortunately, and no spoiler here, her perfume is stolen, along with the ledger of her ingredients.

Soon after she smells it on someone and sleuths to find out who may have it. This leads her to the House of Beauregard. And Astor Beauregard to be more specific. He’s cold, ruthless, and a brilliant chemist and businessman.

Astor believes Raquel is a spy. Raquel believes Astor was in on stealing her pinnacle of scents. But we know there’s more to the story on so many levels.

Will Raquel find out who the real thief is? And of course, when will Astor realize Raquel is the true creator? Yes, they are attracted to one another. Yes, they fall in love (it is a romance). But how it happens and the manipulation they both engage in to achieve their goals, despite falling for each other, is done so well.

Of course, Astor is not such a cold mannequin as he’s originally slated to be. And Raquel is no simpering chicken.

All in all, Perfume Girl is quite a satisfying read that tells a fast-paced story. Sometimes maybe not so realistic for an everyday person, but then again, we’re in the world of the elite with the Beauregards. And sometimes a reader just wants a little escape. I know I do.

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