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Review by Kelly Lacey

The Christmas Carrolls by Mel Taylor Bessent 

I started the book thinking it would be a fun easy read. I didn’t expect the adventure I went on with it. Laugh out loud funny but with a great heart. That’s how I would explain it. A lot of thought and time has to have gone into the writing, it is so incredibly humorous and well-timed.

The Carrolls celebrate Christmas every day. Their whole lifestyle has been glittered and tinseled with the joy of kindness. Holly is normally homeschooled but an opportunity arises and she gets to join a primary school. Her excitement is in abundance and she cannot wait to start. She’s filled with butterflies and anticipation at the thought of making new friends and spreading cheer. 

However, it is early in the year and how will her fellow students take to her being a wee bitty different?

The illustrations in the book are tremendous and really add to the reading experience. Selon Sunu is extremely talented. My favourite illustration is on page 84 and it made me giggle. I won’t share as I don’t want to spoil your own experience with the book

A great book that not only teaches us (and the kids) about what really matters. We all struggle at times to be accepted and to fit in. Holly teaches us to shine bright just as we are. 

I would buy this book for everyone you love that needs a heartwarming and FUNNY story this Christmas.


Funny festive middle grade about the world’s most Christmassy family from the founder of Authorfy, perfect for 8+ readers and fans of Matt Haig, Ben Miller, Sibeal Pounder’s Tinsel, and the Nativity! films

Wish it could be Christmas every day? Well, for nine-year-old Holly Carroll and her family, it is! Living her merriest life in a house with year-round fairy lights and Christmas trees, a carol-singing toilet and a diva donkey who thinks he’s a reindeer, home-schooled Holly tries to spread cheer wherever she goes.

But when she goes to a new school with a singing Santa backpack and first day Christmas cards (during a heatwave in September!), she realises not everyone shares her enthusiasm for spreading cheer. In fact, when the neighbours try to remove the Carrolls from the street and Holly discovers a group of children that may not get a Christmas at all, her snowglobe world begins to crack. Is the world’s most Christmassy girl about to lose her Christmas spirit?
The Christmas Carrolls is a heartwarming, hilarious and inclusive tale about the power of spreading cheer, the magic of friendship and what really matters at this most wonderful time of the year.

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