What the World Needs Now: Bees! by Cheryl Rosebush #GuestReview #BookReview

What the World Needs Now: Bees! by Cheryl Rosebush
Guest review by Dr Clare Horrocks & Adam Berney (8)

What the World Needs Now – Bees is a lovely picture and information book aimed at 4 – 8-year-olds. My son has been learning about habitats at school so we were particularly excited to receive this book for review – though he is now asking for the next book in the series on Trees!

Adam has reviewed books for the Love Books team before so he read the book first. As a parent it was lovely to hear him exclaim “oh, now I didn’t know that!” several times. Interestingly when Adam talked me through his review, this was the exact reason he loved it, that he could read through it several times and still find different things to learn. So this is obviously a book that engages on many different levels – Adam is 8 so he enjoyed the content as well as the pictures however we both agreed a younger child would still be engaged by the beautiful illustrations created by Zuzana Svobodova.

The small young bear, featured on the cover, is called Melly. Her role in the book is to be like us Adam says, a figure you can associate with and who asks the questions we may be thinking of too. The book is set in Canada but the contextual information about the country, its animals and its environment make the book accessible to readers from different cultures. Adam liked finding out not only about the different species of bees but also the variety of animals in the food chain in a country that he has not visited.  So I do think we will be adding Canada to our holiday list too!

As a parent, it is nice to see environmental issues dealt with in a sensitive and approachable manner. There is nothing didactic in the message about the dangers of pesticides but it is good that it is there and that children are empowered to start to form their own opinions on climate change and environmentalism. It certainly generated an interesting after dinner talk for me and Adam.

Clare and Adam Berney (8)

5 Star Review

What the World Needs Now: Bees! explores the universal connection people, plants, insects and animals share with life-giving bees to help us understand the vital role bees play in growing the food we love to eat.

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