NOT SLEEPING by Alan Winnikoff on tour July/August 2021

About: Not Sleeping by Alan Winnikoff

Publisher: Crowsnest Books

Published: 1st April 2021

This is the story of one. Not Sleeping depicts a suburban New York couple, Josh and Claudia Sherman, separated though not yet divorced. As they struggle to navigate their way through the painful process of uncoupling, they also must continue to co-manage the difficult demands of their nine-year old autistic daughter. It was Josh who decided to leave the marriage. But, in an unanticipated turn of events, Claudia is the one who quickly finds a new relationship. As the story moves forward, Josh’s Plan B, as he calls it, begins to take shape. It is centered around a possible new job and his own nascent romance. But Plan B also necessitates him to moving to California and leaving his familiar life, and specifically his children, behind. Josh is drawn toward this powerful chance at reinvention — but with no guarantees and at what cost?

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Alan Winnikoff is the author of the 2017 novella The Weekend, which was praised by reviewers as “a stunning picture of doubt, realization and the what-ifs of love.”

A native of Los Angeles, Winnikoff is a founding partner in a New York City public relations and social media firm. He lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, two sons and their ever reliable autism service dog, Cedar.

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