FAKE NEWS by C.J. Dunford – June Book Tour – Wrap-up

About: Fake News by C.J Dunford

Publisher: Fledgling Press


Four teenagers, and one dog, suffer at the hands of online media and come up with a plan to show people they should never trust what they read on the internet. They launch their own news site detailing amazing, shocking, utterly believable but totally untrue stories. They always intend to come clean, but success goes to their heads and before long they are enmeshed in a world of spies and aliens. How will they get out of this unscathed? What happens next will change all of their lives forever.

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Amazon UK | Fledgling Press Bookshop

Book Reviews from the Love Books Tour for FAKE NEWS

21st June

22nd June


23rd June

24th June

25th June


26th June

27th June

28th June https://bookread2day.wordpress.com/2021/06/28/verdandiweaves-fledglingpress-lovebooksgroup-lovebookstours-ad-gifted-blog-tour/

29th June

30th June https://www.facebook.com/FanyreadsEnglish/photos/a.619087948525899/1199191717182183/

1st July

2nd July

3rd July

4th July 

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