All That Fall by Kris Calvin

Guest Review
by Tanua Kaanta

All That Fall by Kris Calvin

First, let me say that I love crime shows. I love Law and Order and Criminal Minds and well, anything you can think of that involves solving crimes. Although strangely, reading books in this genre is not typically my bag. However, I may have to rethink my reading preferences after finishing All That Fall by Kris Calvin. All the missing pieces ended up fitting and I was thoroughly engrossed. Did this seem like a realistic plot? Possibly. Though the more “true” stories I hear, the more I feel like anything is possible.

Emma Lawson is a government ethics investigator in Sacramento, California. On one unassuming day, she helps her best friend, Kate, on opening day of Kate’s new Preschool. But then everything hits the fan. A young boy is found murdered, christened with the signature playing card from a serial killer known as The Gambler. Slight caveat―The Gambler, who is known for killing young people of color, is currently in prison. Meanwhile, Kate’s preschool is under attack, Kate’s teenage son, Luke, goes missing, and the governor’s granddaughter is kidnapped. 

This is a fast-paced ambitious mystery/crime/suspense told from multiple perspectives. As the story unfolds, the events and characters slowly connect. And of course, by the end, we know who the puppet-master is and the motive behind all the mayhem.

Yes, there are some minor flaws in the manuscript such as the white supremacy story line, which could have been further developed or woven tighter.  However, this did not deter my interest nor the level I was entertained (note I was highly entertained). I appreciate the author’s approach and flew through the pages. As the first in the series, Ms. Calvin pulled me in not only with the mystery/suspense of the crime, but also endearing me to her characters. An excellent move because now I’m emotionally attached to Emma, Kate, and Luke. Looking forward to the next in the series.

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