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The World at My Feet by Catherine Isaac

Review by Kelly Lacey

The World at My Feet 

I was delighted to be asked to be a part of the book tour for Catherine Issac’s latest release. I adored Messy Wonderful Us. So I said yes without knowing what the book was about. I didn’t realise quite the journey I would go on with it. My post is late but my review will explain why and hopefully the lateness forgiven. 

Ellie Heathcote is an Instagram influencer. Her account features stories and grid posts from her garden. A little haven of delight and tranquillity. In reality, it is a safe bubble for Ellie who has agoraphobia. Ellie lives in a little annexe of her parent’s house. Ellie’s agoraphobia stems from her childhood. 

I was blown away as I started to read the book. I have never read one with a character that has my illness. I have traumatic agoraphobia and it has consumed my life. I have to try and separate my life experiences from Ellie’s. However, the book made me have a blip. Reading about Elle’s anxiety and panic attack experiences opened up old boxes of emotion in my head. It made me reflect on old noise and the parallel between my life and Ellie’s was intense. 

So I stopped reading for a few days and pulled myself together and started it again. I too live in a bubble. I moved home to get better and I have been here for over 11 years. For an intense five years, my foot never went outside. So I feel I am in good shoes to be able to understand Ellie.

I loved Ellie so very much. It was nice to see she found a way to have a life without having an outside life through Instagram. I’ve read comments online about her being unrealistic and people saying she was hard to connect with. I 100% do not agree all I saw was a vulnerable loving soul. It makes me sad that different equals weird to some people.

I cried at a certain bit that included music, trying hard not to give too much away. That was my favourite bit. I was worried that love was going to swoop in and make everything better. I have to be honest and say I strongly disliked Colette. I have had many therapist’s who have said you have to come to the office. I never called them again and in my opinion, they did more harm than good. So fictitious Colette can go and boil her head. She made me so mad!  I know that she was trying to help Ellie by pushing her to go but it does more harm than good. I know myself being made to go in such a way put me in bed for weeks. 

I can’t help but look at the book through my life’s journey. There were some situations where I was like Ellie wouldn’t be able to do that and it really frustrated me. But I had to remind myself too that this was fiction. 

I really enjoyed the back story of Ellie and learning it through Harriet. Catherine Issac has a knack for writing for all the senses. So I could smell the stench and decay that Harriet experienced. It was very powerful and will stay with me. 

Overall this was a life lesson for me that I wasn’t expecting and I am grateful for that. I want to emphasise to anyone struggling with agoraphobia that it will get better. If you can find a Dr that you like and an understanding therapist that really helps. Plus remember you are “normal” and your illness doesn’t define you. 

I would recommend Catherine Issac books to fans of Rachael Hore and Liz Trenow. 

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Thank you to the ED PR team and Simon & Schuster for my gifted copy. My review is honest and all views and opinion’s are my own.

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16 thoughts on “The World at My Feet by Catherine Isaac #bookreview @CatherineIsaac_ @SimonSchusterUK @ed_pr

  1. I havnt read this book but will do. When I was 2 years old my mum had agoraphobia and I’ve never had a close relationship with my mum. Me and my dad found this difficult. At the time there was no help for people living with someone who suffers with this. We did our best but as a child it was hard.

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  2. Fabulous, brave review. I’m so sorry that you have had to live with this difficult condition; without wishing to get too soppy, whether you leave the house or not you will always have a precious place in our lives.

    After I got injured in the military I went for several years with a near crippling fear of crowds of people – I was suddenly in a wheelchair with brain damage and I couldn’t handle all the input. I empathise with how hard it is to explain to people how difficult your experience is. I was lucky enough that my body healed somewhat and my extraordinary arrogance and self-esteem saw me through. If I can ever lend you a little extra super-powered self confidence, don’t hesitate, I deliver jam on demand.

    Have bought the book.

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    1. You are very kind and I am very lucky that our paths crossed. I can’t imagine what it was like for you, I am really very sorry you had to experience it. Ditto, I am here for you always. K x

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that you deal with agoraphobia. I’m disabled and chronically ill and I find that books about those sorts of things sometimes really help and sometimes they get a little bit too much. I’m glad you could find things to connect with in this one!

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  4. To see how this book affected you is just so beautiful. It’s something rather special to connect to a character so deeply and I’ve only had that happen a handful of times. You’ve certainly made me want to read this book, to understand the mentality behind the characters and because the story itself sounds spectacular. I also can’t help but notice the gorgeous cover. Adding it to my TBR right away!

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  5. Kelly, this is a powerful review, I love your honesty and the parallel experiences between your own life and the main character.

    I love when authors take on mental health issues in their books. As you have demonstrated , there is so much ignorance around different MH illnesses and the devastation they cause. If this book educates just one reader then that’s a win.

    I will be buying this, to educate myself and because it sounds like a darn good read. Thanks for sharing 👍😘

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  6. Great and honest review. One that has me adding this book to my wishlist. I had never heard of agrophobia, so i look forward to educating myself and learning more about what people may be going through.

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  7. Some of the best books are the ones that help us reflect on our journeys, the ones that allow us to genuinely connect to the characters. I enjoyed your review and appreciated the honesty. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the novel!


  8. Ordered and may have to go slowly but looking forward to reading the book . I’m am sorry to say that this pandemic has set me back a long way with this condition but back to one day at a time . You are so brave to put yourself out there .


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