Roar by Celia Ahern #bookreview

Roar by Celia Ahern

A story for every woman.
A story for every moment.

Whether you want to laugh
To be moved
To love
To feel less guilt
To cry
To be comforted
There is a story for you.

From Sunday Times bestselling author Cecelia Ahern comes a collection of witty, original and moving stories for women everywhere.

Book Review by Tanya Kaanta for Love Books Group

Roar took me pleasantly by surprise as it wasn’t your typical novel that follows the same characters from beginning to end. Rather, this was a collection of thirty stories, or dare I say fables? That provide a mirror to the negative tapes and stereotypes we as women embrace, despite the adverse ramifications to our well-being. What appears on the surface as simplistic actually delves deeper into societal norms and how it has played out repeatedly, and seemingly regardless of age, location, and culture. There is power in simplicity, because underneath the surface are multiple layers, commentaries on our lives as women, and perhaps urging us to peel away the surface we’ve accepted for far too long. To lay recognition to these societal norms that hinder us. Because once we are aware, we are one step closer to making change.

Roar touches on themes of self-worth and confidence. How women have strengths that often go unnoticed and unappreciated, yet women believe their lives are inconsequential. How women are beautiful, beyond the confines of what is dictated. A woman’s insecurities should not define all females, yet we fall into a trap of false-belief. This book is a reminder that women do have a voice, and they have choices. And their voices shall not be stifled.

Ahern’s novel is a homage to women as they navigate a world of repression with dignity, light, honesty, and love. And while it exposes how adversity affects women, it also illustrates how women maneuver through the difficulties, how they triumph, and how they ultimately Roar.

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