The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins #bookreview @KLNovels

The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

They may be faking their relationship, but they can’t fake the sparks that fly when they’re together.

Desperate to get away from her cheating ex, travel vlogger Holly books a last-minute cruise to the Caribbean. Right after boarding, she meets the gorgeous Noah who got dumped on his wedding day. His family got tired of his moping and sent him on a forced vacation. Good for Holly, because misery loves company, right?

Well, maybe not misery. Having Noah around completely brightens Holly’s vacation. He even pretends to be her boyfriend to dodge unwanted advances from a questionable guy. There’s only one tiny problem. Holly didn’t go on this cruise to see if there were other fish in the sea, and falling for a hot stranger was definitely not on the itinerary either.

Instead of choosing which cocktail she’ll be sipping by the pool, she now has a different decision to make. Risk getting her heart broken or abandon ship.

Book Review by Kimberley Livingston for Love Books Group

There’s nothing that screams summer more than a fun romance novel set on a Caribbean cruise ship. The cover of The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins, with its passion fruit colors and tropical island, told me I was in for a perfect day of sitting in the sun and reading. 

Book eight in The Oceanic Dreams series was as sweet as a pina colada and a perfect escape from the daily grind. Holly, an up and coming travel vlogger, is looking for her millionth follower and a big contract so she can quit her night job. However, that and the fact that she was recently dumped by her fiance aren’t the reasons she chose to go on the singles cruise. It was the only last minute trip she could book to escape the sad reality that was now her life. 

Unfortunately, apparently, you are expected to find true love when you come on board The Oceanic Aphrodite. Holly finds herself being pursued by someone who is definately NOT her Mr. Right. In steps Noah, a handsome guy who happens to live on his own island – metaphorically and technically speaking. Noah is on board to find his widowed father someone to be with and takes pity on Holly. As he isn’t looking for love either, he offers to become her “fake boyfriend” for the week. 

And so the adventure begins. Mix in a beautiful background of sun, water, and sand written with clarity by a talented Sophie-Leigh Robbins, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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