Ajax (Alpha Heroes Book 1) by Anna Del Mar #bookreview @klnovels

Ajax (Alpha Heroes Book 1) by Anna Del Mar

He’s a former Navy SEAL, haunted by his past.

She’s the only woman who can help him redeem his honor.

But will they be able to overcome the mayhem of his previous life, and set themselves free from the darkness?

Review by Kim Livingston for Love Books Group

Author Anna del Mar’s tag line says she “writes hot, smart romances…” That statement is as solid as her novels are. When I was offered to read the romantic suspense ARC of AJAX, book one in the ALPHA HEROES series, I jumped on it. Her men are hot, her women are kick-ass and her plots are a wild, heart-pounding thrill ride. 

 Anna del Mar’s Wounded Warrior series first showcased her passion for writing about military heroes, and ALPHA HEROES takes this to the next level. Now she brings to life the stories of the Battleson brothers. All former special forces operatives, they continue their work for good over evil while healing themselves—with a little help from their dearest friends and each other. 

Ajax “Jax” Battleson is a former Navy Seal with a secret to keep and a promise to fulfill. Emme gets caught in the crossfire of his enemies—and his friend’s plans alike. Her severe medical condition makes living in the sun an impossibility for her, which just adds to Jax’s challenge of keeping her alive. To say that their first kiss is crazy hot?  Truly the best first kiss scene I’ve ever read! And that’s just in the first two chapters.

The action never ends over the rest of the book, neither does the passion nor compassion. I fell in love with all of the good guys and hated all the bad. When I turned the last page, a satisfied sigh escaped my lips. So sit down, buckle up, grab a few tissues, and be ready to not be able to lay this book down. 

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