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Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson

Set in a 2054 where humans have locked themselves out of the internet and Elon Musk has incinerated the moon, Set My Heart To Five is the hilarious yet profoundly moving story of one android’s emotional awakening.

Unhappy with his programmed job of dentistry and inspired by a love of classic movies, Jared sets out on a bold mission: to use the power of his burgeoning feelings to forever change the world for him and all his kind. Unfortunately, Jared intends to do this by writing his own movie, and things do not proceed according to plan…

Unlike anything you have ever read before, Set My Heart To Five is a book for anybody who has feelings, loves movies, and likes to laugh and cry and sometimes do both at the same time. It comes uniquely guaranteed to make its readers weep a minimum of 29mls of tears.*

Mini Review by Kelly Lacey

The story is set in 2054 and is about a bot called Jared who is a dentist in the town of Ypsilanti, Michigan USA. Bots are grown until they are 42 and then released into the world until the retire. They live in their own houses and go to work everyday. Bots do not have feelings and they go about their routine day. If anything odd happens or they seem to be malfunctioning they will go to The Bureau of Robotics where they will be rebooted or completed wiped.

When Jared starts to show signs of depression (a feeling) his work colleague recommends he goes to the movie theatre and watch some “old movies”. There starts Jared’s journey of emotions. There are some classic movies along the way, some I had to google and it would have been handy just to have the movies name in the book.

I am not usually a reviewer who doesn’t finish books and especially for a book tour. But this book is a bit different. I feel that it would make for a much better movie than it does book. You are either going to love Jared’s quirky dialogue or it will drive you nutty. I am in the nutty category, I tried so hard to keep going but the repetitive humour was just not for me. The monotonous dialogue from Jared was to much for me. I understand that the author was trying to make Jared an authentic bot and that he would talk that way.

The book is definitely a marmite one and that is why I still wrote a review for the tour. It has some great moments such as when Jared see’s his first movie and the experience he has. I am a huge movie buff and I don’t just watch them I emotionally invest in them the same way I do my books. So it was fascinating to read about Jared’s experience.

I wish there had been additional character’s points of view to engage me a bit more and less bot humour.

Although the book wasn’t for me I would ask that you read it yourself and see if it resonates better with you.

Thank you to Amber at Midas for the opportunity to be a part of the tour and for my gifted copy.

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