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Firefly – The Ghost Machine by James Lovegrove

Some hot property
Mal’s crew desperately need another payday, but not desperately enough to transport a Blue Sun flightcase to Badger, no questions asked, when the area is swarming with Alliance spacecraft equally keen to regain the stolen property. Yet Jayne refuses to miss out, and sneaks the case aboard Serenity.

Lucid Dreams
Within hours of secreting the case Jayne suddenly finds himself back on the Cobb homestead with his brother Matty miraculously cured of the damplung. Wash is at the controls of the highest-spec cruiser money can buy, the billionaire head of a ‘verse-spanning business empire. All of the crew but River are soon immersed in vivid hallucinations of their deepest desires, while their bodies lie insensible on the ship.

Fantasties gone sour
Wash’s empire begins to crumble; the Cobb ranch is under attack by merciless bandits. As everyone’s daydreams turn nightmare, Serenity floats on a crash course towards a barren moon, with only River standing between the crew and certain oblivion.

Review by Kimberly Livingston for Love Books Group

Browncoats Unite! Or at least have a shindig. The fourth installment of the Firefly novels, The Ghost Machine, has landed and it is shiny. 

If you have no idea what half the above sentence refers to, then before picking up the book, I do suggest you watch Serenity and Out of Gas—episodes from the beloved Firefly television show first. Well, I suggest you watch all the episodes and the subsequent Serenity Movie. The novel might make sense to you without it, but it certainly won’t mean as much.

Because James Lovegrove wrote three of four of these novels—with Joss Whedon as consulting editor—for the millions of Firefly fans who have a powerful need to return to the ‘Verse. 

The Ghost Machine, the opening states, is set in the time between the end of the series and the movie. These books are gems of additional stories that fully connect with the feel of the original characters and plot. James Lovegrove catches the phrases and voice of each character to perfection. Also included are the random, and I’m certain butchered, Chinese phrases. Google translate certainly doesn’t recognize most of them (yes, I checked) with the exception of Gǒu shǐ. That one translated perfectly.  The author refers back to episodes from the series which adds a bit of nostalgia. But the novel in its own right is a class act. I miss the full Joss Whedon humor in the book (and Nathan Fillion’s deadpan delivery of the lines), but—excepting the possibility of a parallel dimension— I’ve come to (sob) accept that Firefly is never coming back. So thank you Mr. Lovegrove for keeping the stories coming. 

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