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One by One by Ruth Ware

Snow is falling in the exclusive alpine ski resort of Saint Antoine

The shareholders and directors of Snoop, the hottest new music app, gather for a make or break corporate retreat to decide the future of the company. At stake is a billion-dollar dot com buyout that could make them all millionaires, or leave some of them out in the cold.

The clock is ticking on the offer, and with the group irrevocably split, tensions are running high. When an avalanche cuts the chalet off from help, and one board member goes missing in the snow, the group is forced to ask – would someone resort to murder, to get what they want?

Book Review by Kelly Lacey 

I read One by One in one sitting, it was an utterly fantastic two hours. I was hooked and I feel like I took a deep breath on page one and didn’t exhale until the end. 

The book is like a Miss Marple or Agatha Christie movie. There are a plethora of characters and the plot becomes a whodunnit. Told from two character perspectives they guide us along as events unfold. We the reader have the chance to try and figure it all out. 

When a gathering of Snoop employees descends on the alpine ski resort Saint Antoine. Unsuspecting staff members Erin and Danny have no idea how their lives are about to change. One of the guests is called Liz, she is quite, reserved and she doesn’t seem to fit in with the others. Whilst the others are rich and confident, Liz is from a working-class environment.  

The book is so atmospheric that I was absolutely freezing whilst I read. I could feel the imaginary snow descending through my windows and into my room. It is utterly brilliant! 

Ruth Ware writes with such a brilliant, clever mind. One by One is atmospheric, thrilling and they leave you wanting more. 

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