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To Catch an Earl: A Bow Street Bachelors Novel by [Kate Bateman]

Kate Bateman’s To Catch an Earl continues her historical Regency Romance Bow Street Bachelors series.

Working undercover for London’s first official police force, the Bow Street Bachelors have an obligation to serve the city’s best interests—even while they’re falling for the city’s most alluring women…


Alex Harland, Earl of Melton and dedicated rake, never pictured himself as an agent of inquiry. But the thrill of investigation is a challenge he now embraces. When he’s asked to pursue the Nightjar, a notorious thief who is reclaiming France’s crown jewels, the case throws him into the path of the beautiful and equally elusive Emmy Danvers, reminding him of the only puzzle he’s never solved: the identity of the mysterious woman who once stole a kiss from him—and left him wanting so much more…


The daughter of a thief, Emmy learned long ago how to keep her secrets safeguarded—and, as the notorious Nightjar, her love for Alex Harland is one of them. With the determined earl hot on her trail—and making her hot under the collar—Emmy has no choice but to keep her distance. But when a moment’s danger threatens Emmy’s life as well as her name, will Alex finally discover that he’s followed every clue…to true love?

Author blurb:
Kate Bateman (also writing as K. C. Bateman) wrote her first historical romance in response to a $1 bet with her husband who rashly claimed she’d ‘never finish the thing.’ She gleefully proved him wrong. Her Regency and Renaissance-era romances all feature her trademark feisty, intelligent heroines, wickedly inappropriate banter, and heroes you want to both strangle and kiss.

When not traveling to exotic locations ‘for research,’ Kate leads a double life as a fine art appraiser and on-screen antiques expert for several TV shows in the UK, each of which has up to 2.5 million viewers. She splits her time between Illinois and her native England and writes despite three inexhaustible children and a number-loving husband who still owes her that dollar.

Kate loves to hear from readers. Contact her on Twitter @katebateman, Facebook, or via her website at

To Catch an Earl is the second book in Ms. Bateman’s Bow Street Bachelors series. And, pun intended, I am caught. It’s no secret I’m a fan of historical romance. All the better if my heroines are feisty, brilliant, and independent. Likewise, my heroes must possess wit, humor, have an air of mystery, yet in the end be a big teddy bear to the woman who steals his heart. Add some fabulous chemistry and banter to a backstory with intrigue, and friends, we have a winner.

Alex Harland, Earl of Melton and Bow Street agent extraordinaire, is set on finding the identity of the Nightjar, an elusive jewel thief. His investigations keep him bumping into the beautiful Emmy Danvers. And strangely, this lady elicits similar heart palpitations that one mysterious woman did years before, at a masquerade party. Where they shared a kiss before she ran off into the night—has a slight ring of Cinderella, no?

No spoilers since this is revealed immediately – but Emmy is the Nightjar. Or at least Nightjar 2.0, taking over the role after her father passes and her brother is injured. She also stole that kiss years ago from Alex, no surprises there, either. But Emmy’s role of the Nightjar is layered and complicated, and the closer Alex gets to discovering the Nightjar’s identity, the closer he becomes to Emmy. Also, the harder it becomes for Emmy to deceive Alex, especially when their attraction intensifies with each interaction.

As I’m sure you can guess, Emmy’s identity eventually comes to surface. And how Alex and Emmy navigate this is lovely. Especially when it comes time for both Alex and Emmy to make sacrifices for one another.

I love Emmy’s character. She’s not a simpering miss, but one who is smart, agile, and able to save herself. And she’s one hell of a sneaky thief. Yet allowing a little help from Alex doesn’t lessen her strength. Nor does it make him the savior. Rather they do a great job of saving each other. It’s rather sweet.

If you want a twist on roles, with the heroine as the supposed “bad guy” though truly she’s a “good guy,” and a hero who understands nuance engaging in a fabulous game of cat and mouse, this is an excellent choice for your summer reading.

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