Yggdraslia: The Book of Kyrinae by LP Owen @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #TourRecap #2020

Yggdraslia: The Book of Kyrinae by LP Owen

The Church of Kyrinae is both law and religion to the world of Yggdraslia. However, that world is dying. Even empowered by magic relics given by the Goddess, the Clerics and Avatars of the church cannot seem to determine the cause or how to stop it. Perhaps, according to many of Yggdraslia’s citizens, they just do not care.

In this world lives Kiera Milla, and only a few days after the death of her mother, she finds herself visited by an animal messenger that throws her life upside down with magic, mystery and a responsibility far beyond what a 17 year old girl should have. With a desperate plea from the Goddess Kyrinae herself, Kiera is tasked with the impossible mission to restore the Goddess to her former glory and revive the dying lands. However, in doing so she must go against both the church’s teachings and laws. Using only her wits (or at least brute force..), the power of the relics and the help of new friends, Kiera will have to fight the world itself and its people, just to save it.

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