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Just Two Strangers In The Crowd by Andrea Officer  

When university student Iris meets the handsome and rebellious Dean Westbourne at a friend’s house party she thinks it’s just a coincidence that they both get along so well.

By accepting a ride home from Dean, Iris sets into motion a series of chance meetings until Dean suggests they take it further. He’ll take her on sixteen dates before their graduation day. Sixteen dates in the space of four months? Sounds possible.

But Iris and Dean both come from very bad homes and a wise man once said that the course of true love isn’t easy. . . especially not when your alcoholic parents are trying to ruin your already difficult life.

Will Iris and Dean let their parents interfere and come between them? What will happen after these sixteen dates? Will they have a future together? And will that future be a happy one?

Andrea Officer 

As someone who grew up reading any book she could get her hands on it wasn’t long until Andrea realised she wanted to be an author. She’s been writing stories since she was in school and over the many years has developed her craft into what it is today.

After studying journalism at university she found her inspiration to become a writer and her debut novel “Who We Are” tries to answer one important question- can someone who’s been a criminal for nearly his whole life turn his life around and be seen as the hero he wants to be?

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