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Delighted to share my review today with you for Rachel Hore’s The Love Child. A tale of needing to know who we are and where we come from. I was gripped and I loved the writing so much I have since ordered three previous titles by Rachel Hore. 

💫 The Love Child

💫Back of the Book

A young mother’s sacrifice. A child’s desperate search for the truth . . .

London, 1917

When nineteen-year-old Alice Copeman becomes pregnant, she is forced by her father and stepmother to give up the baby.  She simply cannot be allowed to bring shame upon her family. But all Alice can think about is the small, kitten-like child she gave away, and she mourns the father, a young soldier, so beloved, who will never have the chance to know his daughter.

Edith and Philip Burns, a childless couple, yearn for a child of their own. When they secretly adopt a baby girl, Irene, their life together must surely be complete. Irene grows up knowing that she is different from other children, but no one will tell her the full truth.

Putting hopes of marriage and children behind her, Alice embarks upon a pioneering medical career, striving to make her way in a male-dominated world. Meanwhile, Irene struggles to define her own life, eventually leaving her Suffolk home to find work in London.

As two extraordinary stories intertwine across two decades, will secrets long-buried at last come to light?

Brilliantly evoking the changing attitudes of the time, The Love Child is a novel about love, family, separation, despair and hope, full of tenderness and deep feeling.

💫About the Author

A warm welcome to my page. I’m the author of ten novels, the most recent of which is The Love Child.

I came to writing in my forties, after a career in publishing in London. My husband and I had moved out to Norwich with our three young sons and I’d had to give up my job and writing was something that I’d always wanted to try. I originally studied history, so it was wonderful finally to put my knowledge to good use and to write The Dream House, which is partly set in the 1920s in Suffolk and London.

Most of my novels are dual narrative, often called ‘time slip’, with a story in the present alternating with one set in the past. I love the freedom that they give me to escape into the past, but also the dramatic ways in which the stories interact. My characters are often trying to solve some mystery about the past and by doing so to resolve some difficulty or puzzle in their own lives.

The books often involve a lot of research and this takes me down all sorts of interesting paths. For The Glass Painter’s Daughter I took an evening class in working with coloured glass. My creations were not very amazing, but making them gave me insight into the processes so that my characters’ activities would feel authentic. For A Week in Paris I had to research Paris in World War II and the early 1960s through films and books and by visiting the city – that was a great deal of work for one novel. Last Letter Home involved me touring a lot of country houses with old walled kitchen gardens in search of atmosphere and to explore the different kinds of plants grown there.

Places often inspire my stories. The Memory Garden, my second novel, is set in one of my favourite places in the world – Lamorna Cove in Cornwall – which is accessed through a lovely hidden valley. A Place of Secrets is set in a remote part of North Norfolk near Holt, where past and present seem to meet. Southwold in Suffolk, a characterful old-fashioned seaside resort with a harbour and a lighthouse, has been a much loved destination for our family holidays and has made an appearance in fictional guise in several of my novels, including The Silent Tide and The Love Child.

Until very recently I taught Publishing and Creative Writing part-time at the University of East Anglia, but I’ve just become a full-time writer, which feels a bit scary. My boys are all grown up now, but we still see a lot of them, and our black labrador, Astra, gets much more attention. My husband David is a writer, too (he writes as D.J. Taylor), so we understand each other’s working lives.

I find I have to have a regular routine with my writing, not least to keep the book in my head. My aim is to sit down at 9am every morning and write till lunchtime, then again the afternoon, but there is often something ready to interrupt this so I go with the flow.

I hope that you are able to find my books easily and enjoy them – I am always happy to hear from readers!

Happy reading!

Visit Rachel at, or follow her on Twitter @rachelhore or Facebook

💫 Review by Kelly Lacey

The Love Child was my first read of author Rachel Hore’s. I was gripped from the first to the last page.  It starts in 1917 with dear sweet Alice Copeman who is nineteen years old. She is pregnant and unmarried. Her family are distraught and she gets sent away for the baby to be adopted. The little baby is called Irene and as we follow the threads of both mother and daughter on their own paths. You feel the beating of your own heart as you desperately want them to find each other. 

It was very apt that whilst I was reading The Love Child. We were looking into our own family tree via a very dear friend. The love I felt as I read about all the people who were here before me and what they had accomplished was fascinating. It added an extra special dimension to The Love Child for me.

Alice Copeman was a feminist of her time, determined to have a career and standing up against old fashioned rules. She is a feisty, caring, strong woman and I really enjoyed my time with her. Irene Burns is a fragile wee soul who yearns to belong and has a sense of adventure. 

The writing is so exquisite and it flows without unnecessary frills. The characters begin to feel like family and you have a real sense of place as you read. I fell in love with the writing and savoured each page. 

Fall in love with this absorbing and memorable story, I know I did.

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Still working on my family tree, we have a few branches that we are not quite sure about. Have you done your own tree? 

Happy reading,


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