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We are preparing a ten day campaign for author Ella May. The tour for Disquiet starts on the 20th of November until the 30th. We would LOVE you to be part of it.

Book bloggers, book reviewers and bookstagrammers are all welcome. As long as you have a platform where you post and share your book reviews or content.

Disquiet by Ella May

A Mentally Unwell Sister

A Devoted Wife.

A Husband and Brother With A Secret.

A Psychopath Seeking Revenge.

Elowen has been attacked in her brother’s home. The aggressor’s body lies cold next to her. 

In a secure psychiatric facility, on suspicion of murder, Elowen struggles to recall the attack. The police are quick to assume that she is guilty. 

However, Elowen protests her innocence and begins revealing a series of dark, twisted secrets.

What really happened? 

The author asked us to include these trigger warnings: This book contains mentions of suicide, psychotic episodes, self-harm, child-loss, sexual motive, abuse, drugs and crime.

Author Bio

Ella May is a self-published author that lives with her Mum, Dad, Brother and her dog Mia in Cambridgeshire.

When she isn’t writing or spending time with her dog, she enjoys reading and going to the cinema. Her favourite genre to read is thriller, but she also loves literary fiction. Her film genre is a lot more diverse, and she will watch anything as long as it’s not horror! After suffering for years with her mental health, Ella is passionate about creating awareness and she says that writing has become a bit like therapy for her. She hopes that Disquiet will also create a wider understanding of more serious mental health issues and her biggest wish is that Disquiet might help someone feel less alone with their mental health. 

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