Falling For My Boss by Hana Hawley @Hana_Hawley @tamushamu #BookReview

Falling For My Boss by Hana Hawley

Elise Park-Stuart is a young, talented, undiscovered Los Angeles designer with an independent spirit and a penchant for speaking her mind — but she’s also rootless, broke, disillusioned with the industry and tired of trying to make rent.

When a friend tells her about an opportunity to nanny for an affluent widower in a small Midwestern town far from the daily rigors of LA, she thinks the situation might be perfect. Live rent-free for a year on a great salary? Sold! Maybe she can finally save enough money to pursue her dreams. 

What Elise doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the small town, little Emma, and most surprising of all, her self-absorbed, hostile employer Parker Cross, who chastises and rebukes her at every turn, resisting her attempts to involve him in his little girl’s life.

Join Elise as she navigates the complexities of loving, losing, and finding herself again within the warm embrace of a cozy town and its charming cast of supporting characters.

Read Hana’s debut novel, TOMAHAWK HILLto meet the town and characters that inspired, FALLING FOR MY BOSS.


Hana is an American writer, born in South Korea and adventuring in Japan. She loves losing herself in great conversations, good books and anything that has a touch of romance. No matter where Hana lives, she takes a bit of the Midwest she knows and loves with her. Find more of Hana’s short stories about travel and adoption on her website: hanahawley.com.

Review by Tanya Kaanta

Falling For My Boss is the second book in Hawley’s Tomahawk Hill series. And friends, this one is even better than the first. Though I do recommend reading the first as well – Tomahawk Hill. This sweet romance has all the ingredients I love in a romance: slow burn, enemies to lovers, character growth, and chemistry!

Elise Park-Stuart is flailing and disillusioned. Her dreams of making it big in Los Angeles as a successful designer have meshed into an impossible laughing pipedream. She’s in need of change and immediately accepts a nanny job in Iowa. She’ll live rent free, save money, and rejuvenate in order to resume the grind after a year’s respite away from L.A.

But Tomahawk Hill is an alluring little town filled with charm. Elise finds herself falling in love with this quaint midwestern town, as well as its occupants. Tomahawk Hill is a breath of fresh air…minus her boss, Parker Cross.

Parker is cold, aloof, angry, hostile, conceited, and just not a very happy man. Fear not, our hero is layered and misunderstandings are sorted, as is typical in an enemies to lovers trope. Also, when we learn of Parker’s history, I can understand his pain. Though timing is everything, and friends, Elise’s arrival is the perfect time for this man to move on and join the land of living.

Elise is the perfect remedy for Parker. As his exterior thaws, and she seeps under his skin, I’m falling in love with Elise and Parker’s journey. Add in Parker’s daughter, Emma, and I’m turning the pages anticipating this glorious happily ever after not only for Elise and Parker, but for Emma’s wish for a family.

Hana Hawley is a gifted writer. The imagery and emotion via the written word are poetic and vivid. Even better, the slow-burn chemistry she develops creates many squee-worthy moments. I’m talking goose-bumps and warm fuzzies created from the delicious tension between our leads, with just the anticipation of a kiss.  

Last but not least, I love how Elise is a bi-racial heroine. Though race doesn’t drive the narrative, it is nice to see diverse leads in romance. I can’t wait for the next book in the series, and I’m hoping beyond hope it’s Garrett’s story. Whaddya say, Ms. Hawley?

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