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I have my spot on the tour for Monogamy Lover today. I have an excerpt for you to enjoy.

Monogamy Book One: Lover by Victoria Sobolev

Nothing is as it seems at first sight. Feelings are laid bare. There is no black and white. There is no right. And the wrong feels too good to be trusted.

People think that Alex was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, not only rich, but blessed by luck. Men respect him, women dream of him, and Alex alone knows the strength it takes to conceal his tortured soul and devastating secrets.

But despite those powerful life lessons, he has always believed in his father’s words, ‘When you fall in love, you love forever – it’s in our family blood. Look for HER and you’ll find your happiness beyond thought…’

Valeria has never experienced actual romance (an early pregnancy, a hasty marriage, a life filled with work and study) and considers herself a pragmatist. She was taught to live by the rules: if you get married, then you love your husband; if you dream of a new home, then you work hard. But when, against all logic, she finds a beautiful stranger in her bed, her world turns upside down. After all, falling for the forbidden can be too sweet not to try… at least once.

They come from the opposite ends of the globe, but the collision of two soulmates is destined. Fate will send them on a lifelong journey from Eastern Europe to Spain, France, the United States, and back.

Their story is a mix of a beautiful fairy tale and a painful nightmare. It`s not something you`ve heard before: everything is too vivid, too honest, too emotional and too profound.

An attraction at first sight;

A passion that breaks all rules;

A hypnotic melody – it conquers all.

This is one love for life and beyond time,



Victoria Sobolev is the author of four bestselling series and one standalone novel that have gained her thousands of followers on Russian indie platforms and a Monogamy fan club.

She was born in Ukraine but spent most of her life living in Moldova until immigrating to Canada with her husband and two children. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Victoria believes in true love and soulmates just as much as she does in working hard at marriage. Travelling is her passion, but she thinks there is no safer or calmer place for a woman than her man’s shoulder.

She is fascinated by watching people and studying human relationships, but, even more, she loves writing novels about them.

Victoria Sobolev loves all her characters and never abandons them in the tragedy of separation and hopelessness forever, but always leads them to happiness. She takes her reader’s breath away only to make them feel even more alive when they start breathing again, so that everyday things become appreciated even more and their true value recognised.

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Three days. For three days, Alex is in a coma. For three days, I live in the chair by his bed, counting each breath, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. This is my life right now. This is my world. My God, I love this man… The pain is unbearable, intolerable…

Memories flash before my eyes of meetings, looks, time spent together. They are like stills from a film etched into my heart: my initial shock at the depth of his gaze, the first touch of his thoughts, hands, lips. The magical days spent in Barcelona and Paris, the melting tenderness of his caress. The pain of separation.

I was not waiting for him. I did not ask or search for him. He came on his own, found me among millions and called me to go with him.

He was unusual, unlike anyone I have ever met: everything good in humanity was gathered in him alone and elevated to perfection.

He was perfect, too perfect for me, and nothing like my usual hero, but he tore open my heart, shattered my armour of pragmatism and got into my bloodstream.

Five years have passed. Five.

Five long, silent years in which my emotions and feelings have been numb, as if under a powerful anaesthetic.

And now he is sick. Dying because he didn’t find what he was looking for in life. Disenchanted with the world, he is turning his back on it, letting his life fade into oblivion, dispassionately watching it leave.

I want to reach out, touch his shoulder, see him turn his head and look at me with his wise brown eyes. He always knew how to hear my thoughts, how to feel me, so I want him to hear me now and know how much it hurts that I deceived us both. I lied to him. I lied to myself.

*** ‘Stay’ by Demi Lovato (Rihanna Cover) ***

It is morning, a new day just beginning.

I hear my voice quietly singing the same song we sang together seven years ago, and only now do I fully understand its meaning. My numb plea for him to show me love, passion, sensuality, and his invitation for me to dare move closer.

So I dared. I allowed myself to step out of the shell of all my duties and responsibilities and he showed me everything: what life can be, what love can mean, how a heart can beat.

It’s a special song. Our entire story, our whole life is in it, every line is about us. He knew, he felt that this is how it would be.

I sing the words he once chose for us and beg him to stay. He was right about everything. I’m not living the life I should, waking up every morning and convincing myself that the man next to me is my one true love. I have been telling myself that I’m happy, that life is providing me with everything I need, but it’s not true! I don’t have what matters most!

And now Alex is the one who is ill, who is broken, but I’m the one who needs saving. Saving from the production being staged in the theatre of my life, the play that has presented me with an illusion of what’s most important – love. Love is the only thing that ultimately fills our lives with meaning, that makes them whole. Love for our parents, children, friends, and for a man… so distant yet so close. It seems to me at this moment that the blood flowing in our veins is the same, that our cells and our DNA are identical, that we are two parts of one soul, mistakenly torn apart and placed into different bodies. I feel as if part of me is battling death in this hospital bed, and I’m ordering this part of myself to fight harder. I implore it to win.

I sing, putting every ounce of strength that I have into the words, and my voice, much louder now, surges through the room like a powerful wave.


The song is my prayer. My voice has never sounded so strong, so beautiful, despite the tears running down my face. It flows out of me in a gentle stream, captivating me with its magic. I see people on the other side of the glass window, doctors and patients who have risen earlier than usual this morning. Some are crying, some quietly applauding. My song has touched them to the core and it makes me feel better. They came to support me, these people I don’t know, and I really need that right now because I have absolutely no strength left. I have used it all up on fear and prayer.

Alex regains consciousness forty minutes later. All by himself. He comes to and looks into my eyes more knowingly than ever before, so intensely that the nape of my neck breaks out in a flurry of goose bumps that spill down my spine. The realisation of what exactly happened in this intensive care unit is suddenly frighteningly clear: Alex did not come out of a coma; he came back from a different place. I can see it in his eyes – he was there. He knows more than me, he wished for death and didn’t resist, but I dragged him back. I hung onto him for dear life and wouldn’t let go. My weakness didn’t stop me from being the strongest person on the planet over the last few days. I didn’t let go of him and now he is here: he is breathing himself, he’s alive. His brown eyes are staring into mine and I would sell my soul to the devil for them if I had to.

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