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Today J.A. Warnock reviews Summer Thunder on our behalf for the Love Books Tour. Available now in eBook and paperback.

Summer Thunder

Lily is headstrong, independent, and stuck in a loop of bad luck. She makes fairy figurines that customers buy to bring them good luck, but her merchandise doesn’t seem do the same for her. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t believe in them.

Theos is handsome and charismatic, a kite-surfing superstar who travels the world. So why is he drawn to Lily and the store on a California beach she struggles to keep afloat? And could she be the one to trigger the awakening of his unusual destiny?

Review by J.A. Warnock

If you make a habit of reading my reviews, you will know I am a sucker for a good quote. Voltaire (Enlightenment thinker and general voice of Reason) is responsible for one of my favourites…

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

We should all be grateful that A. B. Gibson has chosen to use his powers for fiction writing rather than taking over the world.  Every word, idea and character in ‘Summer Thunder’ is sold to the reader with a level of panache you would expect from a consummate ad man. He has some quirky ideas but couples them with simple practicalities to create a compelling and believable whole.  I love details.  Gibson has a fabulous eye for mechanically retractable fairy wings and a red haired, kind, evil, Oz witch. 
As ever, the mushy bits are not my cup of tea but they are well written and not overly emotional or sentimental.  The potentially magic tea sounds incredible; as does the man who provides it. If the former does not whet your appetite, I am sure the latter will.  Something for everyone! 
‘Summer Thunder’ is an easy and entertaining book to read.  Despite following the format of a traditional romantic novel, it has a charm which elevates it above standard, run of the mill, swoonery.  It is relatively short with no fluff or padding. It is a perfect rainy Sunday afternoon read. Four Stars. 

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