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I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to read the book and be kick starting the tour on publication day. I wish nothing but brilliant things for Gary Donnelly. My reviews are my own honest opinion and I really feel Blood Will Born is the just the tip of of the Iceberg. Soon in the not too distant future, Gary Donnelly will be to Northern Ireland what Ian Rankin is to Scotland. Congratulations on publication day to Gary and the team at Allison & Busby, you should all be and feel incredibly proud.

Blood Will Be Born

DI Owen Sheen vowed never to return to Ireland, but he needs answers to the questions he has surrounding his brother’s death. On loan from the Met to the PSNI, he is meant to be setting up a new Historical Offences Team, but instead he finds himself partnered with DC Aoife McCusker to work on her first murder investigation. As the investigation begins to unravel into chaos, its roots deep in the dark past of the Troubles, will Sheen be able to put his personal agenda aside? And will McCusker keep her career long enough to crack the case and prove herself as a detective?

My Review

I am delighted to be kick-starting the awesome book blog tour that starts today. Thanks to Allison and Busby for the opportunity.

Blood Will Be Born is a fast-paced, gritty, Northern Irish crime fiction must-read. Gary Donnelly has managed to create his own Belfast with the raw roots and history of the grand city. Gary Donnelly has great strength in his world-building and with incredibly crafted and detailed characters I was sucked into the pages of the books and I savoured the writing. It is so clever and I honestly haven’t read writing this good in a long time. 

I lived in Northern Ireland myself for a few years The city and surrounding towns have their own beat. It’s much different from anywhere else even Edinburgh where I am from beats a different tune. The people are friendly and welcoming but they all have a story about the troubles and the effect it had on their lives or there Mums and Dads. Loss is the feeling I think that is underlying. Religion is ever present, as much as you would be asked do you like plain crisps or cheese and onion? In NI, someone will ask what religion you are, whether your standing in a pub or at the bus stop. It’s scary as you don’t know what the right answer should be.

Gary Donnelly manages to respectful and accurately portray the varying opinions of his characters.  With Blood Will Born I feel its own beat is revenge. Its the key issue for many of his characters Even years later the pain and the loss is still felt and time doesn’t matter. 

I love DC Aoife McCusker she is balsy and determined but underneath all that tough exterior is a kind-hearted loving mother.  Finding her own feet in a male-dominated environment and trying not to be overlooked because of her stature or sex.  

Gary Donnelly writes both male and female characters with the same ease. He also is extremely talented in setting the scene for the reader. Even at times giving you scents as well as visuals so his writing is like a Smörgåsbord for the senses.  

When I started reading the prologue I knew something extremely special was to come and as I kept reading I was floored by each chapter. I have read a plethora of crime fiction novels, lots about Dublin and Belfast. None of them hit the spot, they have felt commercial and that the City behind them could be anywhere. This is not the case with Blood Will Born, Belfast pulses through the pages. Gary Donnelly has kept his writing authentic and with his ability to bring to life such a jumble of amazing and memorable characters, means the book has the ability to run into a  long series. 

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Gary Donnelly is an author to watch, I am hoping that the Belfast crime festival gets him on the bill. That Newcastle Noir invite him over for 2022. Crime fiction fans don’t hesitate to go now and purchase Blood Will Born. If you enjoy authors like Helen Fields, for example, you will love Gary Donnelly. I know I do and I will buy anything he writes. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to read and review Blood Will Born, I will treasure my copy. 

“Remember the name, Gary Donnelly for he has arrived and has set the Northern Irish crime fiction bar very high indeed”. 

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Final Thoughts

I will be talking about this book a lot this year, it would make for an amazing book club read. It is not often an author comes along that stands out from everyone else. Just remember this review and mark my words only great things ahead from Gary Donnelly, I promise.

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