Helen Fields fans can now get TWO free ebooks this week! @Helen_Fields

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So excited to share this awesome freebie with you today. Helen Fields has written a plethora of genres, crime fiction, legal fiction and historical fiction. Now you can add fantasy fiction to the list too. Helen’s talents are endless. For a limited time only you can get the two fantasy books in the collection for free, by signing up to Helen’s newsletter. I’ll put a wee bit about both books below and the link at the bottom of the feature for you to get your free books.

📚 Helen Fields
Helen Fields Author Writer Books

A former criminal and family law barrister, Helen Fields has the expertise and experience to make the characters and plots scorch with authenticity. 

With a background as both a prosecutor and defence cousel, Helen Fields has a depth of knowledge about crime that lends a fierceness  to her writing. From Courts Martials to care proceedings, the Coroner Courts to the Crown Court, Fields draws on her professional years for the extraordinary colour and texture that makes her writing jump off the page. Twice long-listed for the McIllvanney Scottish Crime Book of the Year, and a multi-bestselling author whose books have been translated across the globe, Fields consistently produces high impact, compelling novels that readers love. The ‘Perfect’ series, set in Edinburgh, introduced the world to DI Luc Callanach. This year saw the release of Degrees of Guilt, her first psychological thriller in the name HS Chandler, a book as shockingly realistic as it is darkly entertaining.  

📚 The Immolation of Eve (Eve MacKenzie’s Demons Book 1)
The Immolation of Eve (Eve MacKenzie's Demons Book 1) by [Fields, Helen]

Cross-over fantasy. When Eve’s mother dies, she begins a journey to find her roots and discover why everything around her is changing. In California, she finds some answers and some allies, but even more questions and enemies. Living a dual life, she realises that nothing she believed she knew about herself was true.

📚 The Vengeance of Legion (Eve MacKenzie’s Demons Book 2) 
The Vengeance of Legion (Eve MacKenzie's Demons Book 2) by [Fields, Helen]

Book 2 of the Eve series, following on from The Immolation of Eve. Crossover fantasy with elements of supernatural romance, for fans of True Blood and Twilight.

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📚Final thoughts

I hope you enjoy the two books, be sure to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads and if you would like to thank Helen for the books, send a wee Tweet out https://twitter.com/Helen_Fields

Kelly xx

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Pre-order today – https://amzn.to/2ULuYQm

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