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Today I have a spotlight for Beginner’s Spanish with the Superpolyglotbros. My spot on the tour was the other day but due to terrible weather knocking our power out, there has been a delay. So today I am sharing a spotlight and then a full review will appear very soon.

Thank you so much to Edwina at Midas for the opportunity to be part of the tour.

🎧Beginner’s Spanish with the Superpolyglotbros

Learning a language doesn’t have to be difficult – sitting through hours of classes, reading boring lists of vocabulary or listening to someone trying to explain all that grammar. Just download this audiobook and let the Superpolyglotbros take you with them on a journey through the basics of Spanish. Full of personality and humour, this is a conversational guide to help you build the phrases and exchanges you actually need. Find out where the train station is, order a beer and strike up a conversation with a local. With this original audiobook, you’ll be entertained as you learn, building up all the skills you need to get by, and much more, in just under 10 hours of listening.

The Superpolyglotbros are twin brothers and professional language coaches with over 20 languages between them. They’ve spent years perfecting a unique approach to language learning that puts immediate understanding and effortless interaction at its heart. Their technique has helped them learn Turkish in a week and teach Danish in just five days by immersing themselves and their students in the day to day use of a language.

Full of insight and learning tips, this audiobook can be your easy companion throughout the day. Before you know it you’ll be ordering coffee in Spanish on your morning commute!

🎧 About the Superpolyglotbros

With over ten years of professional experience in the language industry, from translation and interpreting to second language instruction and acquisition, from accent coaching to subtitling films, from bilingual education for pre-schoolers to linguistics seminars; if there’s something to do with ‘languages’, it’s safe to say they’ve done it.

Their linguistic abilities feature extensively in international media, with the twins making regular appearances on TV, radio and social media.

Michael commented: Beginners Spanish gets learners immediately involved with the language in an easy and unique way so that they then have the confidence to speak it themselves. Language learning is so much more than just learning vocabulary and rules. Everyone is able to learn another language, if not several, and we want to show people that they can pick up Spanish a lot quicker than they think or are lead to believe.”

Matthew added: “We personally love audiobooks because they’re also really handy for language learning; they allow you to not only practise your aural skills but can also be used “on the go”, allowing you to learn wherever and however you like! From a language series to a mystery thriller in the language you’re learning, there’s an audiobook for everyone!”

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