Bibliophile 2020 12-Month Planner – A must for all readers and book bloggers. #BookTalk

💫 Welcome  

It is the weekend and I am loving spending time catching up with my books and planning next weeks blog posts. Now I know I am late to the party with this diary post, but I just got mine today. I saw it on Karen Reads and Recommends instagram page and fell in love. There is still time for you to get one too, Amazon have 12 copies left and it is in the sale. I will pop a link below for you.

💫 Bibliophile 2020 12-Month Planner
💫Back of the Book

Filled with beloved book stacks, literary objects, and famous authors, this deluxe planner features a handy side pocket and ribbon page marker, as well as notable dates in literary history. Perfect for any booklover or book club pal.

💫About the Illustrator

Jane Mount is an award-winning illustrator and designer. In 2008, she founded Ideal Bookshelf, a company that makes things for people who love books, including paintings of books that have changed people’s lives. Her work has been featured by the NEW YORKER, the PARIS REVIEW, BUZZFEED , and INSTYLE , among others. She lives in Maui with her husband and two weird cats.

💫 Review by Kelly Lacey

The diary is beautiful, with its curved edges and book stack illustrations throughout. It has been well thought out to from a reader’s perspective. I am delighted I have a copy.

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💫 Final Thoughts

I hope you like it too and that it made you go wow! Have a wonderful Saturday. It is blowing a gale hear and raining heavy. Practically perfect reading weather.

Happy reading,

Kelly x

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