My life this week with books. #SundaySharing #BookTalk #BookBloggingBelles

💫 Welcome

Happy Sunday, I am trying to inject myself into my social media platforms and capturing my bookish life as I live it. Making it less stress inducing to have the perfect grid on Instagram and being more real. So I thought on a Sunday I would do a little round up of my week. Granted it will not happen every week but I will try my very best to get it regular.

2019 was not a great reading year for me, I was busier and with family obligations it made it harder to switch off and the I lost a little of the joy of reading. My own fault in a way as I find it hard to say no to review requests and then I feel overwhelmed. So I have taken steps to make reading enjoyable for me again. I have cleared out my bookshelves of books I will never read. I have said no to several books requests this year already and the world has not ended.

Below I am going to let you know what I have read this week, what I blogged about and what I am looking forward to the week ahead.

💫 Blog Posts

Catch up with some blog posts you may have missed this week.

2nd of January, 2020 – I shared my TBR list for January.

2nd of January, 2020 – I shared my book of the year for 2019!

Love Books Group

3rd January, 2020 – I shared my review of Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts.

3rd January, 2020 – Cover reveal of Peter Laws, Possessed.


This week I only read one book, Dreamland by Nancy Bilyeau, my review will be on the blog on the 8th of January.

Love Books Group

I will be starting The Followers by Megan Angelo later today.

💫Book Purchases

No purchases as such but it was time for me to pick my Amazon First Reads, this month we got to pick two.

I chose When I Was You by Mina Kent and Last Day by Luanne Rice.

💫 Bookish Events

The Book Blogging Belles had their first event of 2020. We went to Portobello and to an Italian restaurant called St Andrews. Then we popped along to new Portobello book shop for a look.

It was lovely spending time with Joanne Baird, Sandra Robinson, Sarah Jones and Sandra Woodhead.

💫 Final Thoughts

Lots of people go back to work tomorrow and will be experiencing the Sunday scaries. It is natural after the holiday break. Today I plan on starting my new book and preparing my blog posts for the week ahead. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Happy reading,


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