Let’s Get Booked – A newsletter you cannot afford to miss! @Lets_Get_Booked #WritingCommunity #Writers #WriterHelp #Worldwide #Editing #BookCoverDesign

Let’s Get Books – Newsletter

Authors and writer, sometimes it is awfully overwhelming to know who to contact for cover designs and edits.

You want someone who won’t talk to you like you are an idiot. But someone who will take the time to walk you through the process. Someone with experience and who provides a high-quality service at affordable prices.

Amanda Ní Odhráin at Let’s Get Booked ticks all those boxes and more.

This Friday, Amanda has an amazing interview coming out in her brand new newsletter. I highly recommend signing up to this free source. With Amanda’s experience in editing and design, it is sure to be fruitful with tips and advice over the months.

It’s free and basically, it is a great way to learn more about Let’s Get Booked too and gain knowledge about the writing process.

It doesn’t matter what stage in the writing process you are at, this is a terribly handy contact and source to have.


Thanks for stopping by today,

Kelly x

I was not paid for this article, all the opinions are my own and I highly recommend Let’s Get Booked.

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