Nostalgic Books – What books have a place in your heart? #Nostalgicreads #Books

Today I am reflecting on books that mean something extra special to me. More so books I have had since I was little. Concentrating on Return to Oz today and I will have more nostalgic reads very soon.

Return to Oz was a movie I adored I went when I was six years old and when I watch it now I still get scared at the same bits. The Wheelers and Mombi with her changing heads.

I found my old programme from my movie visit, you used to get those and other goodies when you went to the movies. It meant you could buy the movie soundtrack on your way out. It had me googling and I found the book above on eBay. I bought it straight away for a few pennies. But the happiness it brought the inner six year old me was priceless.

I’ve found a similar one on Amazon.

So what books from your childhood should I feature on Nostalgic Books? Let me know in the comments.

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