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Big bookish life moment for me at the Edinburgh International Life Book Festival yesterday. I read a lot of books and of course there are some good ones, great ones and then there are the dazzling gems that blindside you and The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea is one such book.

It pushed the boundaries of my comfort levels, it tested my ability to actually enjoy a story set in Iceland in the 16th century. I connected with Rosa the main character in so many ways.

So when I read that Caroline Lea was attending the book festival my wee heart raced. It’s not often you get such a personal connection to a book. I went yesterday to the event and I had so many things I wanted to say to Caroline at the signing but I was just overcome and emotional. I knew if I opened my mouth I would just stutter and a load of nonsense would come out.

But I got my precious copy of The Glass Woman signed and I will treasure it always.

My full review of the book is here and I rate it all the stars and so much more.

The paperback is out in November and the cover is divine! You can pre-order it now with the link below. Check out the new beautiful cover, wow it is divine.

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