Sea of Bones by Deborah O’Donoghue @thedebodonoghue @Legend_Press #BookReview #LoveBooks

Sea of Bones by Deborah O’Donoghue

Juliet is used to wielding power and influence in her line of work, but when her beloved niece dies, she finds herself powerless in the face of her grief and has doubts over the coroner’s report of suicide.

She travels back to her family’s remote coastal home where Beth was found. As Juliet delves deeper into the investigation, her personal and professional lives collide and she unwittingly finds herself pitted against dangerous opposition who seem intent on silencing her.

In order to expose the truth behind her niece’s death, Juliet must face the fact that nobody in her life is who she previously thought them to be – including herself.

Review by Kelly Lacey

What a powerful and memorable debut by Deborah O’Donoghue. Addictive literary crime fiction at its absolute best. A plot with turns and twists that have you glued to every page.

We meet Juliet as she prepares to go to Inverness to pack up and sell the Summer house. Which was recently inhabited by her niece Beth who sadly committed suicide. But once Juliet is in Inverness, things start to unravel and not everything is as it seems or is it?

I have to speak on the quality of the writing and the ability that Ms O’Donoghue has of giving the reader the sense of place. Bringing to life these fascinating characters and even allowing the reader to get to know Beth and how she was is heartbreakingly beautiful and intense.

A little note on the political aspect of the story. If the book had been promoted as a political thriller I would not have read it. That kind of thing doesn’t float my reading boat. But the political aspect is necessary for Juliet’s character and it is a thread that runs lightly through the book but in a tiny way. This a primarily a psychological thriller read. But with such a high quality of writing it would fall under the genre of obtainable literary crime fiction.

Speeding into my top five books of 2019, Sea of Bones is a must for anyone who wants an enjoyable evening with an array of heart racing pages and emotional drama.

All the stars for this stunning debut!


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